Addiction Treatment can Brighten Your Horizons

Get out from under the cloud of drug     addiction

It won't happen by itself. It will take courage, commitment, support and above all, a desire to change.

Whether you’re looking to help yourself or someone you care about get out from under the cloud of drug addiction, you can do it. And we can help...

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What To Expect from Drug Treatment

Uncertain about how treatment     works?

Starting therapy is a huge step for anyone. There's a lot to consider. But for the people you love, for those who love you, and for yourself, getting drug and alcohol-free is one of the most important steps you'll ever take.

While no two journeys are exactly alike, they all share common goals and stages, and each begins with recognizing the problem...

Recognizing the Problem

First, are you seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one?

Myself Loved One

Choose a Facility

Finding high quality drug and alcohol treatment is critical  
  to success

Inpatient treatment requires a stay at a facility but can yield better results. Outpatient services offer increased flexibility but without the safety of a protected environment. Choose wisely (or get help making the choice)!

So, what accommodations would you or your loved one be most likely to use?


Completing an Assessment

Formulate a rehab  plan tailored to your specific needs

Creating an accurate drug history is the first thing that's done when entering treatment. It will help your treatment provider determine any medication that could help you or your loved one through the withdrawal period and guide the addiction therapy that will follow.

After the assessment has been completed, and you or your loved one is now situated, detoxification can begin...



Detoxification gives your body a
clean slate to work from

Depending on the substances and the severity of the addiction, detox can be difficult or even dangerous to do alone. It is important to have proper medical supervision during the process.

Withdrawal symptoms and their duration also vary from person to person and from drug to drug. While unpleasant, many can be treated medicinally. After ridding the body of unwanted chemicals, rehabilitation can begin…



Be patient! Proper rehab will take time but it's worth it

After detox, you will be guided through group and individual therapy in a comfortable, relaxed environment, developing coping skills and building a support network.

Studies show that patients staying at least 30 days are less likely to relapse, with odds improving dramatically after 60 to 90 days...


Leaving Rehab

Completing treatment is a major     accomplishment

Congratulations! Once you have finished rehab, you should be ready and fully equipped to begin your clean and sober life. You’ll be empowered to better cope with life’s stressors and recognize possible relapse signs.

If you want the extra comfort and support of having your new peers help keep you substance-free, extended care facilities can also be helpful...


Extended Care

Extended care
gives you
ongoing support

For those who want the extra stability of living in a drug and alcohol-free environment, a sober living community is the answer. These areas promote ongoing health by providing additional resources and support opportunities.

When you feel you are ready to embrace your new lease on life, you are free to move on…


Take the Next Step

Recovery is a
life-long journey. Each step counts

It doesn’t need to be daunting. Every day is a new opportunity to flex the muscles built in rehab. Another chance to feel good about your accomplishments and your self-improvement. If you are ready to begin your journey, here are some options based on your selections to get you started.

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